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Market price for hot galvanizing

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Market price for hot galvanizing

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1. The market price of hot-dip galvanizing is about 1000 yuan. If it is used for bolt and nut types, it will be much more expensive.

2. First of all, the hot-dip galvanizing process is to melt the zinc substances under the condition of high temperature, then add some metal structures, and through the traditional process of cooling and passivation and other production processes, and then carry out strict inspection in the process of rinsing and drying, so that a layer of zinc can be attached to the surface guide of the metal.

3. Secondly, degreasing is required in the process of hot-dip galvanizing, that is, the workpiece is completely stripped of grease, so that the workpiece is completely soaked by water. The processing technology of hot-dip galvanizing is very complicated.

4. The market of hot-dip galvanizing plants in China is very common, and the best process conditions can be achieved basically. Therefore, the market of hot-dip galvanizing processing is huge.

Hot-dip galvanizing processing price

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