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Light pole galvanized

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Light pole galvanized

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Light pole

Light pole: our company can undertake all kinds of city road lighting, bar of hot dip galvanized products, the company's logistics site smoothly, 750 tons of zinc pot, let hot dip galvanized zinc can guarantee in my company processing the light pole, bar product has the processing cycle is short, the characteristics of smooth appearance quality, can meet the time limit for a project of customer go, along with the plating requirement. The company's proprietary alloy addition technology guarantees the product's appearance is smooth, smooth and good adhesion after plating, which can be directly put into use after plating, and also can be used after painting treatment. Good coating adhesion can guarantee lamp pole and marker bar products will not fall off after painting treatment. Our company's hot-dip galvanizing lamp pole class, the sign pole class product quality is good, by the customer consistent approval and the high praise. Our hot-dip galvanized lamp pole and sign products are exported to Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and many other countries, which are widely praised by foreign customers. At the same time in liaoning province in the major cities of the main roads, the major scenic spots and residential areas have my company hot-dip galvanization processed lighting products, product quality by users trust.

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