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The cable bridge is galvanized

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The cable bridge is galvanized

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Cable tray

Cable tray: our company can undertake all kinds of hot dip galvanized cable tray products, including groove type, tray type, ladder frame, mesh format, etc., at the same time including the bracket, bracket and installation accessories products such as hot dip galvanized, characteristic of the equipment and technology advantages, can guarantee the cable tray after plating bright, smooth, beautiful appearance. With rich experience in hot dip galvanizing, both cold rolled sheet and hot rolled sheet can guarantee the adhesion of the cable tray after plating. The passivation technology can guarantee the cable bridge to be free from white rust in the storage process. Due to the excellent appearance quality, our hot-dip galvanized cable bridge products are widely used in the workshops of major automobile companies and large shopping malls, etc. Hot dip galvanizing cable bridge products sent to Beijing, Inner Mongolia, shenyang, changchun, Harbin and other cities, the product quality of new and old customers praise and praise.

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