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How to handle hot galvanizing and zinc leakage

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How to handle hot galvanizing and zinc leakage

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In the process of hot galvanizing, sometimes there will be leakage of zinc. The following ways to solve the leakage of zinc are introduced:

1. The content of aluminum in zinc solution is controlled below 0.05%. It is recommended to use an intermediate alloy with content of 5-10% aluminum instead of pure aluminum ingots.

2. Avoid over pickling of high carbon steel

3. Thoroughly remove welding slag and spatter

4. Prevent overheating and burning of the coater

5. High concentration of solvent can be applied in advance to places prone to hot dip galvanization and leakage plating.

6. Keep the surface of hot galvanizing zinc liquid at the entrance of the workpiece clean and prevent the concentration of aluminum.

7. Strengthen the pre-treatment of hot galvanizing

8. Shorten the stay time of the process as much as possible

9. Ensure the quality concentration and reasonable proportion of plating AIDS

10. Remove the hot galvanizing surface of the flame cutting area and remove the residual abrasive completely.


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