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Galvanized radiator

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Galvanized radiator

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The radiator

Radiator: our company can undertake the hot dip galvanization of all kinds of radiator products, for domestic only one of the manufacturers that can carry on hot dip galvanization processing radiator products, adopt the immersion galvanization technology of German patent, ensure the safety of hot dip galvanization of radiator products, at the same time can guarantee the radiator product to be not out of shape after hot dip galvanization. We have a special hot dip galvanizing production line for radiators, which ensures that the surface of the radiators is smooth and bright without color difference and particles. Our company's hot-dip galvanizing processing radiator products because of the quality of the domestic large radiator manufacturers recognized as the preferred hot dip galvanizing radiator manufacturers. Our hot-dip galvanized radiator products are widely used in all substations of state grid corporation and exported to America, Japan, Canada and Europe. The hot dip galvanizing radiator that our company undertakes, tooling equipment and dip galvanizing technology are in domestic first class level, it is the radiator hot dip galvanizing supplier that many transformer manufacturing enterprises specify.

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