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A fence galvanized

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A fence galvanized

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A fence

Fence: our company undertakes the hot dip galvanizing of all kinds of fence products. Due to the particularity of its structure, the hot dip galvanizing process and operation are strictly required. Improper operation will lead to defects such as leakage plating, zinc tumor and burrs. After research, our company conducts reasonable control on the zinc liquid control and the hot dip galvanizing operation of the fence. We have rich experience in operation to ensure the galvanizing efficiency of the fence product is high and of good quality. After galvanizing, there is no leakage plating defect on the zinc surface of the product. At the same time, the appearance of the product after galvanizing is bright, smooth, uniform color, zinc layer does not fall off, does not peel. Our company cooperates with a number of domestic animal husbandry companies, processing fence products throughout Inner Mongolia, liaoning and other regions, the product quality is excellent, our company looks forward to cooperation with all kinds of breeding and animal husbandry companies, common development and progress.

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