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Tower scaffold

Tower: our company can undertake the processing of 500,000 volts, 220,000 volts, 110,000 volts and 66,000 volts of various power transmission level of iron tower products hot dip galvanization. The thickness of zinc coat of hot-dip galvanized iron tower can meet the requirements of GB2694, the uniformity of hot-dip galvanizing coating can meet the requirements of copper sulfate test, and the adhesion can meet the requirements of drop hammer test, so as to ensure the corrosion resistance life of iron tower products in various environments can reach more than 50 years. Our company's hot-dip galvanized iron tower products have a smooth appearance, no color difference and uniform color, which can pass the acceptance standard of state grid company. Our two hot-dip galvanizing production lines can complete the hot-dip galvanizing of iron tower products. The equipment capacity and technical advantages can meet the matching production of iron tower products, ensure timely construction period and reserve enough time for subsequent packaging. Our company's hot-dip galvanized iron tower products are distributed in various substations in liaoning province, and have been awarded the state grid company quality project for many times. The iron tower manufacturer can achieve long-term cooperation with our company, and our company will sincerely provide you with high-quality and efficient services.

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