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Pole galvanizing

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Pole galvanizing

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Power lever

Electric pole: our company can undertake all kinds of large electric pole products hot dip galvanizing, because of equipment advantage can guarantee the electric pole after plating appearance is bright, beautiful, galvanizing layer is complete, without color difference, without current hang, without zinc tumour. The zinc coating has good uniformity and adhesion. The special passivation technology makes the electric power bar product looks bright and durable after plating, not easy to oxidize and change color, and not easy to form white rust when stored. According to the requirements of customers, we can implement the corresponding standards, such as GB13912, GB2694, ISO1461, ASTM A123, etc. My company processing power pole distribution in Harbin, changchun, liaoning, shandong, shanxi new construction and renovation project, such as power grid due to the high quality evaluated by state grid company of high quality engineering for many times, at the same time processing power rod products are exported to countries such as Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, my company undertake galvanized electric pole products complete, uniform, galvanized layer surface is smooth, at the same time, the product excellent anti-corrosion performance and product quality in the industry are welcome.

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