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Wind power equipment interior decoration accessories: our company undertakes all kinds of wind power equipment interior decoration products hot dip galvanization processing. Wind power facility interior accessories product variety, product, the product quality of hot dip galvanized after demand is high, so the hot dip galvanized processing technology and process control is very strict, my company the rigorous process control experience of hot dip galvanized processing to ensure complete these higher difficulty products of hot dip galvanized processing. After hot-dip galvanizing, our company's wind power facility interior decoration accessories are bright and beautiful. The zinc coating can meet the requirements of national, international and industrial standards, and the appearance quality, performance and corrosion resistance can meet the needs of customers. The product is passivated to ensure that no white rust is generated during the 40 days of maritime transportation, so that the bright zinc-coating appearance can still be maintained when the export products arrive at the port. Our company is a hot dip galvanizing supplier designated by GE electric company of America. In recent years, we have completed the hot dip galvanizing and processing of the interior decoration accessory products of several wind power bases in China, including prospect project, shanxi xipan, baotou jinfeng and Harbin heavy industry group, and the product quality has been widely praised and praised by customers.

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