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Galvanized iron support

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Galvanized iron support

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High-speed rail bracket

High - speed railway bracket: we can process all kinds of high - speed railway bracket products with hot dip galvanizing. The size of our zinc pot is: Long, 14.6 meters wide, (2.5 -) 2.1 meters, 3.5 meters deep, high in iron bracket has the unique advantages of equipment, hot dip galvanized can complete standard size and large size high iron stent products of hot dip galvanized, at the same time of high iron stand hot dip galvanized processing have rich experience in actual combat, to ensure high iron stent after hot dip galvanized products, surface without zinc ash, zinc slag and plating quality defects such as leakage, product plating bright, beautiful appearance, good adhesion coating, corrosion resistant long life, can meet the requirements of high-speed rail engineering standard high quality strictly, is high in the North-East region of choice for hot dip galvanized iron stent products manufacturers, The processing of high - speed iron bracket, high - speed iron stand products. Over the past three years, it has completed hot dip galvanizing processing for many high-speed railway lines in northeast China, including Harbin to jiamusi, Harbin to daqing, dandong to dalian, tongliao to dalian, etc.

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