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Cold storage tray galvanized

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Cold storage tray galvanized

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Cold storage tray

Cold storage tray and other miscellaneous products: our company can contract a variety of miscellaneous products hot dip galvanized. Including all kinds of cold storage tray class, frame class, hardware, fan cover and so on. Hot dip galvanizing of miscellaneous products is difficult due to its complex structure and different shapes. It is necessary to have rich experience to ensure that the appearance quality and performance indexes of these products can meet the requirements. Our company, with six branches under the group company, has been dedicated to helping customers solve hot-dip galvanizing problems over the years, and has completed the hot-dip galvanizing of a variety of complicated products, and accumulated rich experience. The hot-dip galvanizing and miscellaneous products processed by our company have short processing time, bright and beautiful appearance of zinc coating, no color difference, no leakage and plating defects, uniform zinc coating, good adhesion, to ensure the anti-corrosion performance of miscellaneous products meet the use requirements. Our company will be based on integrity, "to provide customers with satisfactory products," to create value for customers is the goal and direction of our company, and we look forward to deep cooperation with various manufacturers with the requirements of hot-dip galvanizing processing.

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