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Current situation and prospect of hot galvanizing industry in China

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Current situation and prospect of hot galvanizing industry in China

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As the standard electrode of zinc is negative to iron, the coating of zinc in water and moist air has the function of sacrificing anode protecting steel base, so the service life of steel can be greatly extended. The commonly used galvanizing layers in industry include hot dip galvanizing, electric galvanizing, mechanical galvanizing and hot spraying (galvanizing) zinc, among which hot galvanizing takes up about the total amount of galvanizing, 95% of zinc used for hot galvanizing takes up the zinc production in the world scope, in 40% country takes about the zinc production.

30% Hot galvanizing () is a process in which Hot Dip metals such as steel, stainless steel and cast iron are dipped into molten liquid metal or alloy to obtain coating. Hot galvanizing is the most widely used method of surface treatment of steel in the world. Hot galvanizing products play an inestimable and irreplaceable role in reducing corrosion and extending life of steel, saving energy and materials, and the coated steel is also a short-term high value-added product supported and developed by the state.

With the implementation of the western development strategy and the in-depth development of the projects such as the west-east power transmission project, west-east gas transmission project, south-to-north water transfer project, three gorges project, agricultural network and urban power network, the hot galvanizing industry in China has entered a new stage of high-speed and sustainable development.

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